The beta version of CodeMotion contains the first unit, "Objects and Events," and about half of the second unit, "Numbers and Decisions." This corresponds to roughly the first half of an APCS class. I am actively working on further units.

These modules will introduce you to several of the key concepts of programming, such as objects, methods, and variables, and will give you all the tools you need to write simple games and interactive programs.

The zip file below contains the CodeMotion program, an empty user folder, and a PDF "cheat sheet" that you can print out to help you remember how to create some basic shapes. You can create multiple user folders from within CodeMotion if you wish. If you are downloading an upgrade, just open the zip file and copy CodeMotion.jar over your existing version.

The program is a "JAR" java program. It will run on any operating system (Mac, Windows, or Linux). On Windows and Linux, you may need to download the Java runtime environment from in order to run CodeMotion. Mac OS already has Java built in.