Creating Network Games with ObjectDraw

The purpose of this seminar is to teach you how to use the ObjectDraw library to program network games in Java. We will start by learning how to create objects on the screen, and how to respond to mouse and keyboard events. Then, we will learn how to send and receive information across the network, so that the actions taken on one computer can change what is shown on all the connected computers. Finally, we will learn how to make objects in the game move on their own, using timers to schedule their motion.

This seminar is designed to be accessible to someone at any level of learning Java. I take enough time introducing the basic concepts that a complete beginner can keep up with what is going on; I also provide challenges for those who are proficient in Java already and just need to see how things work in ObjectDraw.

Unfortunately, in order to keep the pace challenging for everyone, I have packed in several months of an ordinary introductory course into one day. There is no way you can really learn all these new concepts in that time, but you can become familiar with how they work, so that by looking back over what we did, and by reading more in books or on the internet, you can solidify your understanding of programming. This course will give you an idea of whether programming is something you would enjoy doing, and will give you a good overview to guide how you learn in the future.

Session 1: Objects and Events

Session 2: Variables and Methods

Session 3: Networking

Session 4: Timers