ObjectDraw Library

1. Using the Library

How you use the ObjectDraw library depends on what IDE you have. There are instructions for setting up your IDE in the first lesson, Getting Started with Java. There are several different versions of the library that you can download, depending on whether you want a version that includes the source and/or the javadoc:


2. Reference

There are a huge number of things you can do with the objectdraw library. These pages will help you to figure out all the possibilities, with examples of code using the various features of the library, and compact summaries of the various methods you can use. The pages present the most commonly used features of a class first, but also contain information on how to do more complex things with it.

3. Javadoc

"Javadoc" is a system for writing detailed documentation on all the classes involved in a program, and all the methods and variables that belong to those classes. Reading through javadoc documentation will often be your first step when trying to figure out how to do some new thing with a Java library or project. You can access the javadoc for ObjectDraw here:

ObjectDraw Javadoc

If you will be using this javadoc often, it might make sense to download one of the jar files that contains the javadoc. You can also download the javadoc separately: