Game Design Links

Here are some links that I have found useful over the years.
Tom Sloper is a professional game developer with decades of experience. He has written at least 60 short articles on how to get into the game development business. Reading his site will help you understand that the game business is not all about programming: you might also be interested in designing games, writing scripts or creating levels, play testing games, or creating art and music content for games.
This is the site for game developers, both professionals and those, like us, who just do it for fun. There are lots of interesting articles that can be of help to someone just startinng out; click on the "Features" tab and look in the Game Design, Programming, or Postmortem sections (a postmortem of a game is something the designer writes once the game is done to document what things worked well and what mistakes they ought to avoid the next time.

OK, so it's just two links right now. There are several other sites out there that I've found useful, but I don't want to swamp you with lots of links; this page has the most useful advice.