Grading Policy

Physics - Mr. Zahniser

All assignments in this class will be worth some number of points, varying according to the amount of work required by the assignment.

Pop quizzes...10 points
Lab reports, essays...between 20 and 40 points
Quizzes... between 60 and 100 points
Class participation...approximately 40 points per term
Homework...cumulatively worth 20% of total points

Homework will be calculated to total about 20% of the total points for the term. Bonus points may also be awarded. Your final percentage will be calculated by dividing your total number of points by the total number of possible points.

Homework Grades:
Check MinusEither you skipped more than half the questions, or your responses do not demonstrate understanding of the material.
CheckYou demonstrated that you understand the material, getting at least one problem right, but you made a lot of mistakes. Or, you got mostly correct answers, but not by the method I asked you to use.
Check PlusYou got all right answers on non-challenge problems, or made a few very small mistakes; you showed a solid grasp of the material and used the method I asked you to use. You attempted at least one of the challenge problems if there were any.

These marks are meant only as feedback for you and a record for me of how well you demonstrated understanding of the assignment. They all count the same in your final grade; what matters is that you did the homework, not that you did very well on it.

Late homework will be accepted for full credit if you were absent when it was turned in. It will also be accepted late if you gave me a note on the day it was due promising to hand it in on by some day, and you handed it in by your self-imposed deadline. Other late work with no note gets no credit. If you were absent when the homework was assigned, you still need to give me a note if you're in class when it is turned in.

If you were absent, it should always be possible to figure out what happened in class by going online, and use that to do the homework, which you can also find online. As a reminder, the course website is:

You can contact me by leaving a message on the site, or by sending me an email at I check my email often, so it's probably the better method.