This is a list of all the labs and other activities that we have done in class. You can use this to keep up with what's going on in class if you're absent.

If a link to a pdf file is given, that is a a handout that you would have gotten in class.
Term 5
Inelastic Collision Lab (pdf)Monday 5/23/05
Elastic Collision Lab (pdf)Wednesday 5/25/05
2D Collision Lab (pdf)Monday 6/6/05
Term 1
A Slippery SlopeFriday 9/10/05
UnitaryMonday 9/13/05
Unit CombinationsTuesday 9/14/05
Weighing a Car (pdf)Thursday 9/16/05
Pancake ConversionsFriday 9/17/05
Pendulum (pdf)Monday 9/20/05
String Waves (pdf)Tuesday 9/21/05
Linear Motion
Split Times (pdf)Friday 9/24/05
Displacement Graphs (pdf)Monday 9/27/05
Ramp Acceleration (pdf) (data table) Tuesday 9/28/05
Acceleration Lab Pop QuizThursday 9/30/05
Motion Sensor ab (pdf)Monday 10/4/05
Free Fall Lab Pop QuizThursday 10/7/05
Multiple Object Linear Motion (pdf)Friday 10/8/05
Vector Treasure Hunt (pdf)Friday 10/15/05
Vector Minigolf (pdf)
Basic Course
Monday 10/18/05
Scaling CourseTuesday 10/19/05
Length CourseWednesday 10/20/05
Projectile Motion (pdf)Thursday 10/21/05
Trebuchet (pdf)Monday 10/25/05
Term 2
Forces Lab (pdf)Friday 10/29/05
Force at an Angle Experiment (pdf)Monday 11/1/05
Force Diagram Experiment (pdf)Wednesday 11/3/05
Friction Lab (pdf)Thursday 11/4/05
Balancing Force Lab (pdf)Tuesday 11/16/05
Clicky Pen Lab (pdf)Monday 11/22/05
Mystery Potential Lab (pdf)Monday 11/29/05
Spring LabTuesday 11/30/05
Kinetic Energy Lab (pdf)Thursday 12/2/05
Pulley Lab (pdf)Tuesday 12/7/05
Horsepower Lab (pdf)Thursday 12/9/05
Heat Transfer Lab (pdf)Wednesday 12/15/05
Temperature Lab (pdf)Thursday 12/16/05
Heat Capacity Lab (pdf)Thursday 12/17/05
Term 3
Triboelectrification Lab Wednesday 1/19/05
Charge by Induction Lab Thursday 1/20/05
Electric Fields Lab (pdf)Wednesday 1/26/05
Electric Fields Computer Activity (pdf)Monday 1/31/05
Electrical Circuits Lab 1 (pdf)Monday 2/14/05
Electrical Circuits Lab 2 (pdf)Tuesday 2/15/05
Term 4
Hooke's Law Lab (pdf)Monday 3/7/05
Harmonic Oscillators Lab (pdf)Wednesday 3/9/05
Waves Lab (pdf)Friday 3/18/05
Slinky Lab (pdf)Wednesday 3/23/05
Sound Lab - StrawsWednesday 3/30/05
Sound Lab (pdf)Friday 4/1/05
Linear Motion Review Lab (pdf)Tuesday 4/26/05
Force Review Lab 1 (pdf)Friday 4/29/05
Force Review Lab 2 (pdf)Monday 5/2/05