Website Instructions

The basic purpose of this website is to make all the homework assignments, class notes, and handouts available to you online, so that if you lose something, you can print a new copy, and if you miss a class, you can find out what you missed and make up the work before you even come to the next class. You can also use these notes to review if you had trouble understanding what we did in class, or to leave messages to me asking me for help. Finally, the website contains various review activities and games to help you study for tests.

However, this website is also set up in such a way that you can add to it and leave comments on it. You are a user of the website with exactly the same powers and priveledges that the teacher has. If you want, you can create a web page for yourself within this website. You can leave comments on many of the nodes of the existing website, such as my lesson plans. When you are working on team projects, you can use the website to store computer files that you are using, to hold discussions among teammates, and to prepare lab reports and presentations.

This page contains a sequence of tutorials that lead you through the various features of the web page. You will gradually need to understand the website better as the year progresses; eventually I may require you to submit things to me by uploading them onto the website or creating a page for yourself. I will let you know when it's time to learn the next lesson. However, if you want to go ahead and learn everything now, so that you can do things like including a picture of yourself on your profile page, feel free to try all the lessons at whatever pace you like.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started: In this lesson, you will learn how to create a user account for yourself on the website, how to post a message on a page, and how to create a profile of yourself from which I and other students can learn a bit about you.

Lesson 2 - Creating and Linking Pages: In this lesson, you will learn how to create new pages on the website, and how to make links in your pages and messages that someone can click on to get to a different page. You will also learn how to make links to pages outside of this website.

Lesson 3 - Images and Files: You may have noticed that Mr. Z.'s profile page, and many of the other pages, include images. In this lesson, you will learn how to incorporate images in your own pages and messages. You will also learn how to store images and other files on the website.

Lesson 4 - Writing a Lab Report: In this lesson, you will learn how to divide a page into sections and include a table of contents. You will also learn a bit about how to include a data table in a web page. Finally, you will learn a little bit about the LaTeX system for equation typesetting that this website uses.

Lesson 5 - Other Features of the Website: In this lesson, you will learn all the other tricks and tools available on the website. When you've completed this lesson, you'll be able to do anythign that Mr. Z. knows how to do on the website.