Grading Policy

Physics - Mr. Zahniser

All assignments in this class will be worth some number of points, varying according to the amount of work required by the assignment. Your grade is calculated by dividing the total number of points you got by the total number possible. Homework is also weighted in as 20% of each term grade.

Pop quizzes...10 points
Lab reports, essays...between 20 and 40 points
Tests... between 60 and 100 points
Homework...cumulatively worth 20% of total points

Homework Grades

You will grade yourself on how well you understood the homework. All three count the same in your grade, so there's no harm in being honest - it gives me an idea of when we need to spend more time on a concept.
Check MinusI did the homework, but I really don't think I understood it.
CheckI did the homework probably made only a few mistakes; I didn't have any idea how to do the challenge problem, if any.
Check PlusI completely understand this homework, and I was even able to attempt the challenge problem, if any.

If you don't have your homework done at the start of class, you can turn it in any time before the end of term in the homework box (near my computer). Up to three late homeworks per term will be accepted for full credit; after that, late homework only gets you half credit.

Using the Website

You can find out your current grade in the class at any time by logging in to the website. This also shows you a chart of your attendance and what homeworks you are missing.

If you were absent, it should always be possible to figure out what happened in class by going online. Read through the notes for this chapter (linked to from the Syllabus) and locate and print whatever homework you are missing. As a reminder, the website is:

You can also leave comments on the website letting me know how class is going. If class is getting boring or confusing, let me know! Last year's students will tell you that I will quickly respond by trying to make things more interesting. You can also email me at I check my email often, so it's probably the best method to get in touch with me.