Practice Tests

To help you prepare for the final, and to make it easier for future students of mine to practice before the tests, I'm putting up online each of this year's tests, with careful commentary on how to do each problem. (Right now there are just 2, but hopefully I'll get them all up sometime this week).

Remember, when you are working through these problems, the thing you should be paying attention to is how I think about the problems, not just how I do them. Many people in this class are struggling on the tests because when I explain something in class, you understand the process I went through and therefore feel like you ought to be able to do the same thing on the test, but you didn't pay attention to what I was doing thinking through the problem that led me to solve the problem with that process. Physics is a thinking class, not a "memorize the procedure and replicate it without knowing why" class.

Practice Waves Test
Practice Light Test
Practice Momentum Test