Drawing Fraction Problems

Thursday 12/18/08

Do-now: Matching up problems with pictures

The four pictures below are asking these four questions:
What is three quarters of sixty?What is five thirds of sixty?
Sixty is three quarters of what?Sixty is five thirds of what?
For each of the problems below, figure out which of those four questions the picture is asking, and write in that problem on the line. Then, figure out the answer.

  1.                                                 ?

  2.                                                 ?

  3.                                                 ?

  4.                                                 ?

Drawing a problem as a number line

For each problem below, first try to translate the problem into a number line picture, with the number you are looking for marked with a question mark. Then, figure out the answer, and write it as a complete math sentence. The examples above might help you figure out how to draw the problems.
  1. What is four fifths of one hundred?

  2. Thirty is three quarters of what?

  3. What is four thirds of thirty six?

  4. Forty four is two thirds of what?

  5. Ninety is six fifths of what?

  6. What is five halves of forty two?

  7. Twenty eight is seven thirds of what?