Equivalent Fractions

Tuesday 11/20/08

Do-now: Finding equivalent measurements

As we did in class yesterday, your goal here is to take a measurement in one unit and figure out what it is in another unit be creating another measurement equal in length to the first.

  1. 1/4 frips =      gubbles

  2. 3/4 gubbles =      frips

  3. 1/2 gunfs =      norgs =      boks

Equivalent Fractions

  1. Write each of the fractions or mixed numbers shown below.

  2. What does it mean that those fractions are all equivalent?

Mixed numbers and improper fractions

  1. For each of the fraction bars shown below, write the measurement as a mixed number, then change the drawing to turn it into an improper fraction, and write the improper fraction.

  2. Below, draw 11/4 gunf, 13/8 norg, and 7/2 bok. Then, next to each, write what it would be as a mixed number.

Changing the denominator

  1. Below, draw fraction bars to show me how to convert: 1 3/4 gunfs into eighths, 2 1/2 norgs into sixths, and 3 3/4 boks into twelfths. You can leave the whole number part undisturbed and convert just the fraction part.

Equivalent Fractions Homework

  1. Write each of the measurements below as a mixed number. Then convert to an improper fraction by first changing the drawing, then writing what it is as a mixed number.

  2. Below, draw 13/6 gunf, 15/4 norg, and 7/3 bok. Then, next to each, write what it would be as a mixed number.

  3. Convert the fraction parts of each of these measurements into eighths, and write a math sentence showing what the measurement originally was and what you converted it into. (For example, you might write that 4/8 gunf = 2 1/2 gunf)

  4. Below, fill in either the numerator or the denominator of each fraction to make all the fractions in each line equivalent.