Fraction Number Line Game

Monday 12/22/08

Correcting number lines

Each of the number lines below has something wrong with it. It might be a silly little thing that hardly matters, or it might be a big error that makes the answer wrong. Figure out what the mistake is and fix the number line so that it is correctly drawn.

You can either cross out and correct on the number line given, or write a new one below it.
  1.     14     is five quarters of 56.

  2.     45     is three fifths of 60.

  3.     53     is eleven sixths of 48.

  4.     54     is four thirds of 72.

  5.     16     is seven halves of 32.

Number Line Speed Game

In this game, your goal is to draw a number line to answer a fraction problem. The thing that makes it a game is that I reveal only a part of the problem at a time. So, I might start by telling you that it is dealing with "fourths", then reveal that it is "fourths of 48", then finally reveal that the full question is asking "     is seven fourths of 48."

The secret to the game is that you don;t need to wait to see the whole problem before you draw your number line. At each step, you can fill in more information, so that you are almost done by the time the problem is completed. On the problem above, for example, when you see "fourths" you can draw a number line with units (darker marks) split into four spaces each; then, when I reveal that it is "fourths of 48", you can fill in that the units are 0, 48, 96 and that the spaces then are 12 long. You can even start labeling the marks in between the units, so that once I reveal the "seven" you might already have a value written there.