Grading Policy

The purpose of this paper is to make it clear to you exactly how your grade will be calculated.

Types of graded assignments

There are several types of graded assignments in this class:Tests are usually given once every two or three weeks. In a longer unit, there may be "checkpoints" along the way which are treated like a test, but do not count toward your grade because their purpose is to let you assess your own progress.

Homework will always be collected and graded, so you should do your best to answer all questions correctly and to show your work. There will be at most two homework assignments per week.

Each major unit will end with an engineering project, which will require you to build something to solve a particular problem and then write a short paper about what you built. These papers will be graded using a rubric:
Describe which form of energy your machine converts into which other form (10 pts)8
Describe at least one challenge you faced and how you overcame it (5 pts)4
Use proper grammar and spelling (5 pts)5
Total (20 pts)17

Calculating your term grade

Each assignment that you do is worth a certain number of points:The more points something is worth, the more weight it has in determining your grade. I try to keep a good balance between the points from activities, tests, and projects, because some of you might be really good at showing what you know in a project or lab, but struggle when you need to sit down to a test.

Each assignment will come back to you marked with the number of points you got, out of the total possible. So, for example, a homework might come back marked 4/5, meaning that you got 4 points out of a possible 5, or a test might come back marked 49/60: 49 points out of 60.

Your term grade is found by just adding up all the points you got, adding up the total number of possible points, and dividing. So, for example:
Homework: Metric System4/5
Do-now: Estimating metric measurements5/5
Pop quiz: Interpolation8/10
Test: Measurement51/60
The student in this example got a 68 out of 80, or 85%, which is a B:
90-92: A-93-96: A97-100: A+
80-82: B-83-86: B87-89: B+
70-72: C-73-76: C77-79: C+
60-62: D-63-66: D67-69: D+
At MATCH, the lowest passing grade is a C-.