If someone has a particularly messy wound, or one that gets dirty, germs can sneak in among the dying cells around the wound and start multiplying there. This keeps the wound from healing properly. The wound is then said to be infected.

For most of history, infection has killed far more people, particular in war, than were killed by their wounds alone.
  1. One sign of an infected wound is that pus keeps oozing out of it. Based on your understanding of blood cells, explain why this happens.

  2. Infected wounds tend to not form a scab. Why would this be?

  3. The area around the wound will stay red and tender. Why would this happen?

  4. What other signs would you probably notice around the wound, in addition to those mentioned in question 4?

  5. One treatment for an infected wound is to put maggots - fly larvae - in it. The larvae feed on dead flesh. Why would they be useful?

  6. Another old Latin medical adage says "Where there is pus, clean it out." Explain why this is or is not good advice.