Measuring with Fractions

Wednesday 11/19/08        

Do-now: Review of mixed numbers

  1. For each picture below, write the measurement that it represents.

  2. Draw each pair of measurements listed below, and fill in a >, < or = sign to show which is larger.

Measuring dimensions

  1. Fill in the width and height of each rectangle below. You will only have to use halves, quarters, and eighths.

Finding equivalent lengths

Draw in the measurement given, then create an equivalent in the other unit.
  1. 2 gubbles

  2. 1/2 frips

  3. 1/2 gubbles

  4. 5/8 frips

  5. 1/4 gubbles

Measuring with Fractions Homework

  1. For each of the lines below, write its length in both frips and gubbles.

  2. Measure out and draw a line with each of the lengths listed below.
    a) 6 1/2 frip

    b) 4 5/8 frip

    c) 5 3/4 frip