Trouble Problems from Blood Test

These are two problems similar to those that people had the most trouble with on the test.
  1. In the pictures below, label one each of the following: Red blood cell, platelet, neutrophil, eosinophil, monocyte, lymphocyte.

    Identifying all these cells by sight is one thing we all need to be able to do flawlessly. They all have distinctive features:
    • RBCs are flat and round with no nucleus.
    • Platelets are much smaller than an RBC.
    • Neutrophils have a weird blobby nucleus in a pink, spotty cell.
    • Eosinophils have a nucleus with two parts in a red cell with large grains.
    • Monocytes have a curvy nucleus in a large, smooth, blue cell.
    • Lymphocytes have a round nucleus taking up almost all of a round, blue cell.

  2. a) In the picture to the right, label one of each type of cell that you see.

    b) For each type you listed, tell me how that cell will be involved in responding to a cut.

    On this problem, the most common mistake was not answering part b) for each of the four types of cells shown.